Son Of A Preacher Man: A New Musical

Son of a Preacher is touring around the United Kingdom and Ireland, putting on a once-in-a-lifetime performance. The musical features the iconic Preacher Man that is on a mission to cure three broken hearts at the Soho joint. The time period is the 1960s, with kids dancing the night away at Soho.

The events and legend of the Preacher Man may have been a long time ago, but they come back to life in the musical.

Three random strangers are drawn to the original venue despite being generations apart. The Preacher Man is gone, but his son is there to help the three cure their broken hearts. He finds a way to channel his father’s patience and wisdom to guide the three strangers back on the path of love.

The entire night is filled with vibrant music from Dusty Springfield, including “Son of a Preacher Man,” a classic. Guests that have never heard of the musical need to know that this is a strict limited run that is making its world premiere this year.

You might never have the chance to see the musical in person again.

The jukebox musical is based on Dusty Springfield songs, and while there is a book to follow, the musical is raw. The jokes don’t seem to provide the excitement or laughter to the crowd as they once would have, but once “Spooky” is performed, the feeling in the room will brighten.

The song is a duet with Michael Howe and Ellie-Jane Goddard, which makes the night really pick up.

Cast members make the show a rich experience, with the cast including:

  • Diana Vickers, who was a semifinalist on X Factor and went on to perform in “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.” She has since been on television and played roles in several musicals.
  • Debra Stephenson, known as an impressionist, brings comedy to life during the musical.
  • Ellie-Jane Goddard played Magpie in “The Little Beasts” and is a rising star in theatre.
  • Michael Howe is known for his many appearances on television and is the leading actor in the show.
  • Ian Reddington is a well-known actor that has appeared on several television programs, including Dr. Who, Robin Hood and Shameless, to name a few.

The robust cast doesn’t stop there. You’ll also be greeted by the talent of Cassiopeia Berkeley-Agyepong, Gary Mitchinson, Jon Bonner, Jess Barker, Lewis Kidd, Kate Hardisty, Liam Vincent-Kilbride, Michelle Long and Rachael McAllister. Vickers, Stephenson and Reddington will only be present during 2017 tour dates.